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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pray for THEIR sins oh ye guilty ones

I'm sure you've read this elsewhere, but the Pope's recent suggestion that the world engage in a collective 24 hour prayer session to atone for the raping of children committed by priests, and the vast criminal conspiracy of silence headed by his "saintly" predecessor John Paul II, is beyond insulting.

Does this mean we're all complicit, and should beg for forgiveness? Sorry Benny, but I don't think it's us that need to pray for forgiveness. How about opening up Vatican files to a specially appointed criminal prosecutor so those who protected paedophiles will be brought to justice? Further evidence of the looniness of this religion: if you allow yourself to be conned by any of this codology, you might as well start believing in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus again.

1 comment:

bren said...

right on, sister!