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Monday, July 28, 2008

Next Batman villain?

It's going to be hard to top Heath Ledger's by-now iconic performance in The Dark Knight, but Empire has an interesting feature on who should be the villain - and who should play them - in the next Batman movie. Emily Blunt for Catwoman I say!


Night_Bird said...

The next Batman villain is unanimously Obama and all its royal hordes, of course.

Anonymous said...

Now that they've done the joker, they can't really put up the Riddler for it would only seem like a lighter version of the joker.
Since Rachel died, the inclusion of a new female character would likely be aimed for, perhaps Ivy though I doubt it, the Cat woman would be an interesting choice.
As for the main Villain, Clayface could really be an interesting choice for the variety of themes that could come with such a character. (I refer here to the Clayface in the old Batman cartoons of the 90's).
As for who could act this character, nearly anyone could do clayface since the character himself changes quite a bit.
Another thing that will come with the third Batman: The Batmobile!