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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dead funny

On Saturday night, I was lucky to catch a screening of Dublin-born director Glenn McQuaid's new horror-comedy I Sell The Dead, starring Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fassenden (who also served as producer). It's a B-movie pastiche about two 18th century grave-robbers who end up stumbling across some supernatural corpses, incurring the wrath of a rival gang of body-snatchers known as the House of Murphy.

McQuaid obviously has a deep knowledge of and affection for the genre, and he directs with an assured hand, perfectly balancing the laughs, the shlock and the frights, aided in no small part by two game, exuberant performances from his leading men.

ISTD is establishing itself as a firm festival favourite (it was one of the first flicks to sell out in the JDIFF), so here's hoping it gets a wider release later this year. It has the makings of a true cult classic.

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