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Monday, January 09, 2006

Nighty Night

Over Christmas, a friend introduced me to a little seen BBC comedy written by and starring Julia Davis. It's called Nighty Night and is, without question, the darkest, blackest comedy that the BBC have ever broadcast (apart from Tony Blair press conferences of course).

Davis stars as Jill, a demented beautician whose husband Terry (Kevin Eldon) is diagnosed with cancer. Rather than care for him or even mourn, Jill commits him to a hospice (and keeps his recovery a secret from him) and decides to get on with her life by finding a new man. She sets her sights on her next door neighbour, randy Doctor Don (played by Angus Deayton) whose wife Cathy (Rebecca Front) is partially disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. This doesn't bother the increasingly unhinged Jill however, as she demonstrates how she will stop at nothing to get the man she wants.

This 6 episode first series will leave you offended, horrified...and sore from laughing. You will HATE yourself but Nighty Night is really an equal opportunity offender. Once you get over the initial shock, it's impossible not to laugh as these horrible, selfish, mad - yet bizarrely sympathetic - characters mock cancer, MS, suicide, sexual abuse....Yes, I hate myself for even typing those words but I'm only the messenger. I heartily recommend that you dig this series up on DVD before the second series arrives and it takes off completely. It is the most shockingly original, disturbingly entertaining, morbidly funny TV show I have ever seen. Sean, thank you for bringing into our lives!

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