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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Drudge Non-Report

An hour ago, I tried to access a story twice from the website - a famously right-leaning news portal (it broke the Lewinsky scandal in 1998).

The story was about how George W. Bush's approval ratings have dropped to 34% and Cheney's to 18%. This was the headline article and I clicked into into the link, which was to a report on the CBS News website.

As soon as I got to it, a malfunction occured and I had to close the website.

I went straight back to drudge and suddenly the headline story had changed to 'Bush praises the rise of alternative press [i.e. like Drudge] over alternative media'.

The story about the 34% approval has vanished. It hasn't even been moved lower down the page and with a smaller headline. It's just gone.

I clicked into the seperate CBS news link from Drudge, found the approval rating story and the same thing happened: an explorer error occured and I had to close down the page.

W. is already monitoring phonecalls and emails. Are web links to critical news reports next?

1 comment:

Seán Kenny said...

Sinister happenings indeed. It'll be thought crimes next.