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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nighty-mare neighbour is back!

The first series was bad...and by bad, I mean horrendously, offensively, shockingly funny. But nothing can prepare you for how dark, sick, twisted, surreal and completely off the wall the second series of BBC comedy Nighty Night is.

Writer-director Julia Davies returns as demented beautician Jill Tyrell, who has pinned the blame for all her crimes on her sad, OCD-afflicted fiance Glen (Mark Gatiss). As the series begins, Jill unearths the seaside hideaway of her former neighbours, the Coles: Cath (Rebecca Front) and - the object of her crazed desires - Dr Don (Aengus Deayton). She then kidnaps her employee Linda (the scene-stealing Ruth Jones) and inveigles her way into the councilling centre that the troubled Coles are attending by posing as a therapist. There are unforeseen roadblocks, however, including a surprise pregnancy and a teenage girlfriend, roadblocks that Jill will do anything...and I mean overcome.

You should know the score by now: if you're new to the whole Nighty Night thing, then get through series one before starting here. For the converted, brace yourself cos you aint seen nothing yet. Disability, rape, sodomy, paedophilia, sexual abuse, a Princess Diana vision and the most disturbing artificial insemination scene you'll ever in your life see (at least, I hope it is) all await you. If you can peel your hands off your eyes log enough to watch and regain control of your mouth after it gapes open in horror, you might just die laughing. This is inspired, wickedly un-PC stuff that is quite simply unlike anything currently on British television.

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