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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now You're Lavin!

In a true publishing coup, is proud to announce that we will have a weekly column from socialite and IT boy Lavin Gambe O'Murchu, who will be dispensing wisdom on matters of life, love and the universe. In this first installment, Lavin examines a common dating dilemma and gives us directions on how to cope - and what to wear - during the crisis.

So what does one do when confronted with the challenge of going on two dates on the one evening here in fabulous Dublin? This was the fabulous task that I had to face last week when a fabulous, gorgeous blond model named Sorcha and a fabulous, hot, muscle-bound masseur named Ronald both had to have a piece of the Lavin as soon as humanly possible.

So yes, dear reader: your beloved ‘IT’ boy agreed to double dip. That’s what the girls on Sex and the City call it when you agree to go on two separate dates on the same night – and Gucci in Heaven knows that those four fabulous single gals are my role models. New York: Dublin – there’s no difference really. My fabulousness translates.

I was due to meet Sorcha for cocktails in CafĂ© en Seine, Dawson St, Dublin 2 at 8pm and then Ronald at 10pm in Cocoon Bar and Cocktail Lounge, Duke Lane, Dublin 2. But first things first: what would I wear? Perusing my walk-in closet – which has more room now since I kinda, more or less came out of it – I was totally aghast to see that I had nothing to wear for my fabulous dates. Imagine? Me? With nothing to wear?! It was such a ludicrous thought that I simply had to call my good friends Pamela and Caroline and tell them to organise an ‘Off the Rails’ special ay-sap!
I was panicking. How did I have nothing to wear? I said I’d have a shower and I’d decide then. After bathing with my Ole Henriksen Loofah Body Scrub (€43) and washing my golden locks with my fabulous Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo (€23), I emerged calm and collected and ready to face my evening.

After much deliberating over the fabulous closet that I purchased in Habitat, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, I flopped down on the imported Italian bed sheets that I found at the bargain price of €465 in Arnotts, Henry Street, Dublin1 (and they’re so comfortable too, really, you’d be a sad sack not to own a pair).

Eventually, I decided on a blue Armani shirt that I bought in the fabulous Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin 2 for €299 (ask for Sarah Jane, ext 6673, sale on until the 15th June). I accompanied that with a pair of G-Star jeans that I purchased in BT2, Grafton St, Dublin 2 for €175 (and they made me so happy too. Really, no Celtic Tiger cub’s life could be complete without them…what? Oh my god, you don’t have a pair? I insist that you rush to BT2, Grafton St, Dublin 2 immediately and purchase a pair). I topped off the Lavin sartorial masterpiece with a swanky pair of brown Prada loafers that I picked up for €200 in Italia…or Italy as you would call it.

I was ready. As I was leaving my penthouse, I stopped and momentarily reflected on this idea: just how do I manage to keep up this hectic love/social life and yet remain so grounded, unaffected and downright fabulous? Well, at least I had the ice-breaking question for both of my dates!



Tony said...

Lavin, sweetie, how on earth would one ever have the cajones to leave one's abode of residence without your sage sartorial advice? You rock my closet.

I trust that, next time, you will give us some considered advice on fragrance and, indeed, directions to the preferred retail outlet (perish the thought that one would have to run the gauntlet of vulgar David Beckham displays in, say, Boots - shudder - in the search for the ultimate scent).

In olefactory anticipation of an early reply,

Your faithful devotee

T x

Grover said...

LMAO! Oh, Lavin, whatever will you get up to next!