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Friday, December 14, 2007

Global domination

Yesterday's Golden Globe nominations were spread quite richly amongst many deserving nominees. The Globes may be the cinematic film prize equivalent of a McDonald's meal, but they're an important publicity tool at this stage of the race. See full list of nominations here.

Carlow girl Saoirse Ronan (13) getting a nod for her astonishing performance in Atonement.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's double whammy in Lead and Supporting. He could also have picked up a nod for Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

Casey Affleck.

30 Rock gets several nods. Best comedy on TV

James McAvoy - the boy is gonna be huge

Ellen Page's and writer Diablo Cody's nods for Juno. Cannot wait to see this

Julian Schnabal's Directing nomination. He did incredible work on Diving Bell

Aaron Sorkin - from the biggest West Wing fan on earth.

No Once in Best Musical/Comedy, or even in the Song and Score categories? But don't worry,Shakira got nominated...

Where is Laura Linney's nod for The Savages? Many critics have her down as a potential Best Actress winner, never mind nominee

No love for Waitress, and its stars Keri Russell and Andy Griffith

No Supporting nods for veterans Hal Holbrook and Max Von Sydow for two heart-breaking performances in Into the Wild and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly respectively.

On the Fence:
Michael Clayton's success. Clooney is great in it, and Tilda Swinton is a great unnerving presence, but I felt the movie itself was a bit flat and dramatically inert. Just me?

American Gangster for Best Drama? Really?? Expect this, Eastern Promises and The Great Debaters to be filtered out from main categories by Oscar time

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