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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not to be Mist

Just after watching Frank Darabont's The Mist, an adaptation of a Stephen King short story that never made it to general release here. It's about the residents of a small town who become trapped in a food market when a mysterious mist suddenly envelopes the area, and unleashes vicious mutant - some think Biblical - creatures on them.

The less you know about this movie the better; just to say it's quite Cloverfield-ian, with a decidedly grim view of post 9/11 American social and religious mindsets. It also features an absolutely barnstorming performance from Marcia Gay Harden as a religious fundamentalist.
It's not perfect - there are a few holes in the plot and the special effects at times look positively TV movie-ish - but it's redeemed by some scream-and-watch-through-your-fingers set pieces and a final act that is amongst the bleakest and most haunting you're ever likely to see.

Watch the trailer here.

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