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Monday, April 07, 2008

Stop Lindsay, you're Killing Me

Good god. I've just soiled my eyes by watching Linds-AA Lohan's 8-time Razzie award winning mess-terpiece I Know Who Killed Me. It is as unfathomably bad as you've been led to believe - though it's worth watching just for the scene where her fake leg is plugged into a wall socket to charge. And to see what she can do with her bionic arm. And for the owl. And the stripping sequences that are about as erotic as douching.

So exhilaratingly, guilt-inducingly bad that I actually feel sorry for La Lohan - she was obviously off her bin when she agreed to make this and/or was making this. She couldn't possibly have thought this was good?

Get just a small glimpse of the horror here.


UnaRocks said...

on related un-sexy film scenes by barely-out-of-teen starlets there's this:

Declan Cashin said...

Dear God. Brings new meaning to the term "coming" of age :) It's a afr cry from this