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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From DC...

I'm in Washington DC this week, and watched the early results in the packed Hawk N Dove pub on Pennsylvania Avenue. I watched the declaration of Obama's victory in my hotel, and after watching his speech in Chicago, I went back out onto the streets to gauge the reaction. 

All over the city, I could hear people cheering and car/truck horns blaring endlessly. I made my way around the corner to Presidential Plaza where thousands of people had gathered outside the White House to celebrate not just Obama's elevation, but Bush's end. In between chants of 'Yes we can' and 'Yes we did', there was lots of jeering at Bush, with choruses of 'No More Bush' and 'Hit the Road Bush, and Don't You Come Back No More'. 

The atmosphere is electric - people hugging, celebrating on the streets, cars blowing their horns in unison. An incredible night - those scenes outside the White House are burned indelibly on my mind. 


Graycrow said...

lucky you, must be some party by now

Ted Leddy said...

Would love to be there. You are witnessing history from the center of the action. I had to settle for Temle Bar's button factory.