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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Kingfisher

Restaurant review from today's Day and Night in the Independent.

Festivals, I must admit, are not my thing. I'm waaaaay too fond of my creature comforts and though a culchie to my core, I don't much fancy the idea of spending a weekend roughing it in a tent, washing (if at all) from a plastic bottle, and traipsing around a muddy site that looks more like a major humanitarian disaster area than a concert venue. Continue here.

1 comment:

Gueznou said...

Dear Declan,
Last year you wrote a post on the Electric eileen's.
I thought that you could be interrested...

Media Advisory....

Grannies prepare to storm Electric Picnic in Amnesty International video.

What: A short video of the preparations for the triumphant return of the Electric Eileens to Electric Picnic to help Amnesty International celebrate 60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with a huge bingo extravaganza.

Who: Starring Murf and Mac: Grandmother Eileen Murphy and Great Grandmother Eileen McGillycuddy from Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

Last year, RTE followed a grandmother and a great grandmother as they took Electric Picnic by storm. This year they’re back to help Amnesty International bring bingo to the masses and celebrate the 60th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In an extraordinary theatrical performance caught on camera, Amnesty International filmed the Eileen’s secret pre-Picnic routine........

(link for the video)

Kind regards,

Julie noguez