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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is MuckCain's running mate

Clever boy. Cynical, but clever. Read a profile of Governor Palin here.
Great analysis over at Salon that asks the inevitable question: Should Obama have gone with
Meanwhile, read Hillary's reaction to Palin's selection...
This didn't take long - Palin's inspired a new spin on the term 'Milf' - she's the VPilf...
Lastly! Jon Stewart's take on Palin. Hilarious.


Ted Leddy said...

You have to admit. Its a masterstroke by the republicans.

Declan Cashin said...

It was a fantastic way to steal the news cycle after Obama's speech.

As for Palin, the symbolism is important of course, but her shameless call-out to Hillary's supporters is actually quite insulting: McCain-Palin obviously think Hillocrats are so stupid that they'll vote for a woman - any woman - just because she's a woman. It doens't seem to have dawned on them that Hillary's supporters might support Hillary because of her policies and her record!

Palin and Hillary couldn't be more different. Hillary's supporters would really have to hate Obama that much to vote Republican just cos she's on the ticket. I think she'll have problems pulling in Independents too.

This is before we even mention her inexperience - a charge he's been throwing at Obama all along. And let's face it: McCain's Veep choice was extremely important given his age and health. I think once the novelty wears off, and people start looking at her, it might turn out to be a big - or at the very least a pointless - move on McCain's part

Ted Leddy said...

you might be right Declan.
Its such a blatant attempt to nick votes from Hillary that it could backfire.

However its worth noting that 18 million people voted for Hillary and I believe some of them yes, because she is a woman. It certainly helped Thatcher. In the 80s many women, even labour supporters must have voted for her on that basis.

How may hillocrats do the same is the one biggest crucial unknown of this election.