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Thursday, September 04, 2008

McFathead's "apology"

"I apologise if I upset anybody" - how can such a total loser be so arrogant? Plus the thing that caused all the offence was his remark that gay men are not "real" men. And he wonders why he's so hated?.

McFadden apologises for gay remarks

Brian McFadden has apologised for causing offence by claiming that only gay men should wear pink clothing.

The former Westlife singer said he was only having a "light-hearted conversation" on the radio when he made the comments and insisted that they were not meant to be taking seriously.

Speaking at UNICEF's Soccer Aid event, McFadden told DS: "I made the joke when I was on a radio station in New Zealand. "Some woman rang in and said my husband wears pink. I was winding her up, saying, 'He must have a dark secret'.

But then it got completely taken out of context."It went on every bloody gay website in the world and people called me homophobic. It's ridiculous!"

He continued: "It wasn't a big deal on the day, people were laughing. One person got offended, put it on a website and everyone jumps onboard.

"I apologise if I upset anybody, but it was supposed to be a light-hearted conversation."

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