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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some good viewin'

Friday afternoon and night, I caught performances of the highly original and innovative You Are Here, one of the highlights of the Dublin Theatre Festival. See here, or tomorrow's Irish Daily Mail, for my review. 

This afternoon, I went to see I've Loved You So Long, an intense new French drama starring bilingual actress Kristin Scott Thomas - in an extraordinary performance - as Juliette, a woman released from jail after a 15 year prison sentence, and her struggle to start afresh with her life, and re-establish a relationship with her estranged younger sister (Elsa Zylberstein). Sounds grim, but it's an engaging, tense and moving film, shot through with empathy and even the odd flash of humour that really is worth seeing for Scott Thomas' Oscar-worthy performance. 

After that, I hightailed it up to the IFI for Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens, the closing documentary of the Stranger than Fiction festival. Leibovitz is a fascinating woman who has had an amazing life and career, and this certainly was a welcome insight into her methods, but, seeing as it is made by her sister, it is perhaps too soft focus, and irritatingly didn't feature any captions to explain who the various contributors were: all pretty ironic, considering that it's a film about a photographer! Leibovitz deserves a more in-depth biography than this- here's hoping it will come some day. 

This week, I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing The Year of Magical Thinking on Thursday afternoon - I'll be sure to post  my thoughts afterwards. 

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