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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden vs Scarah smackdown

VP debate tonight between Biden and Palin. Should be mesmerising television. 

However, I have a theory about Palin that I've been working on: in the eerily prophetic final season of The West Wing, the Democratic Veep candidate Leo McGarry did appallingly bad in the debate prep, and rehearsal videos of the prep leaked to the media. 

Things were so bad that Leo's own campaign team tuned into watch with hands over their eyes. But then Leo came to life on camera, and wiped the floor with his opponent. It turns out that Leo had deliberately "sandbagged" and leaked the videos to lower expectations, which turned out to be a brilliant, cunning strategy. Perhaps Scarah and the Republicans are doing something similar? Because she surely couldn't be this moronic? Surely?

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