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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Will it be Roth this year?

Sending out all my best vibes for Philip Roth to win this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, to be announced later today - despite the comments from the Nobel committee member Horace Engdahl last week.

Read an extensive interview with Roth in The Observer from a few weeks back. 


Anonymous said...
it contains the forbidden in greece book erotonomicon
the poem new york olympia and the poem exhibition of orthodromic retrospection

Declan Cashin said...

Er...thanks :)

Peashooter said...

No way. Horace Engdahl is correct with his assessment. The modern US literature is insular and ignorant of the rest of the world. All they are doing for decades is short-sighted navel-gazing and reflecting the many unhealthy subcultures an unequal and ill society as the USA produce.
They are obsessed with sex, violence and lately homosexuality, but first of all they are obsessed with themselves. And Mr. Roth is one of the worst examples of this - at best mediocre - era of insular trivialities

There was no chance for him to get the Nobel Prize, and he would not deserve it anyway.

Jean-Marie Le Clezio is a worthy winner, a man who can write great stories and has a command of the language - in English as well as in French - Mr. Roth and his ilk can only dream of in their unmade beds.