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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Jed We Can

Week 5 of The X Factor live shows, and the John and Edward - Jedward - phenomenon continues apace. The savvy Simon Cowell decided to save the boys tonight, in his first real public acknowledgment that this year's show would be a boring bust without them.

The twins continue to divide the public, and there are two things worth considering about 'Grimes Time TV', as the tabloids dubbed it this weekend:

1) Simon and Dannii's contention that the boys' success makes a mockery of the show because it's a "singing contest". Hmm, really? Look back at the VT footage on last night's show of all the finalists doing the red carpet at that shamelessly plugged movie premiere that doesn't need any more free publicity. In their interviews, every single one of the contestants - without fail - commented on how amazing it was to be mobbed by fans and paps, and basically how desperately they all wanted to be famous celebrities. None of them said they want to be singers. The whole point of this show is about becoming famous. Musical talent or ability doesn't even seem to be on their own minds.

And on that, ahem, note, was Leon Jackson a much better singer than the boys?

2) This year's X Factor is kind of like a real life - correction: reality TV - version of the movie (and stage musical) The Producers, about two shysters' attempts to produce the worst Broadway show ever made in order to make off with the investment money. The show, Springtime for Hitler, somehow, ends up striking a chord with the audience and it becomes a huge success. The lesson from that movie: there really is no accounting for the tastes of the public. The Grimes Twins are living proof of that.

Jedward to win...just to see what will happen.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for watching X Factor so I don't have to, between you and my friend Mary, I get all I need to know.


Declan Cashin said...

Haha, I aim to please Rory. You should watch though, shamefully panto-esque entertainment

Anonymous said...

I don't watch television at home Declan, otherwise I might get sucked in :-o

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