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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The real master of your remote control

My interview with Ben Frow, head of programming at TV3, in Weekend magazine in today's Independent

Ben Frow has been sweating buckets all week. That's the reason he is ignoring the plate of biscuits that arrive with our pot of tea in Dublin's Shelbourne Hotel.

"I'm on a diet," he explains, with a smile. "I hate gyms, so I've started going to Bikram Yoga twice a week. I pose for 90 sweaty minutes in sweltering heat and that's my workout."

Right now, the British-born dressmaker-cum-TV executive has very little to sweat over in his capacity as director of programming at TV3. Just days before sitting down with Weekend, the news emerged that TV3's version of The Apprentice, starring Bill Cullen, had overtaken RTE's Nine O'Clock News in the ratings with almost 500,000 viewers, while the show's spin-off, You're Fired, hosted by Brendan O'Connor, was just 20,000 viewers off trumping its chief competitor, The Frontline with Pat Kenny.

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