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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Globes

Nominations just released for the dubiously-credentialed-yet-bizarrely-influential 67th Golden Globe Awards.

Up in the Air leads with six nominations; Avatar with four; Inglourious Basterds with four;The Hurt Locker with three; Precious with three.

See full movie and TV nominations here.


ticklepickleme said...

Why did you ignore Nine's 5 nominations? Don't mean to sound like a mother...just wondering if there is a personal bias? =P

Declan Cashin said...

My god, it totally slipped by me. My bad! It's on tomorrow afternoon in Bumdrum. I think I'll try make it - though I'm so not excited about it

ticklepickleme said...

How you tease me! I'd give my right arm (I'm left-handed) to see it tomorrow. I must wait...

But do let me know what you think!