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Thursday, December 17, 2009

SAG awards

Nominations for the Screen Actors Guild awards just announced...

No major shocks; Clooney, Bridges, Freeman and Firth look like locks for an Oscar nomination. Great to see Jeremy Renner get in for a fantastic performance in The Hurt Locker.

Similarly, the Actress/Supp Actress races seem to be lining up: I can't imagine the names being very different in the respective categories at the Oscars. Aghast though that Julianne Moore didn't make the cut. I think she'll bump out Kruger at the Oscars though.

Supp Actor brought Christopher Plummer into the frame, and I think he'll make the Oscar shortlist too. I'm delighted that Woody Harrelson is getting a lot of award love this year too. Overall, I think we're headed for a grindingly predictable awards race this year.

1 comment:

ticklepickleme said...

Agreed. Snore!

Also I really think Weinstein will wise up and put Cotillard into the Supporting race...leaving Moore out.