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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008 turkeys

Various critics make their cases to New York magazine for their worst movies of 2008. My personal picks are M.Night Shite-amalan's The Happening and Fernando Meirelles' insufferable Blindness.

What are your worst movies of the last year?


Anonymous said...

I saw Twilight the other night and spent the entire time giggling at its awfulness. By the way, loving that you're 'bigging up' my guilty pleasure, the Gilmore Girls... Clearly I'm a person who prefers fast dialogue (á la Rory and Lorelai)to horrific canyon-sized lingering stares (Twilight)!! ;-)

Declan Cashin said...

Oh my, Twilight is dreadful isn't it? You should read some of the book. It's positively Mills and Boon-ian!

I'm an out and proud GG fan - I downloaded/bought all seven seasons last autumn and watched them all. Such a brilliantly written show.