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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye bye Bush

Opening today, on screens across the globe, a momentous theatrical event eight years in the making!

Good god, it felt like we'd never get rid of him, didn't it? When he was first (s)elected in November/December 2000, I was just after starting university, which really puts the last eight years in perspective. That really drives home to me how long it's been. Check out an overview of Bush's impact on pop culture here.

President Obama: you're the man. I smugly feel proprietorial of you, having told my friend Dowdy after the 2004 convention that you'd be the next president. If (when?) it comes to it, please break our hearts gently.

Salon has a piece on the dawn of the Age of Obama here. Plus here's a profile here of Obama's speechwriter Jon Favreau (not the actor/director!) - he's only my age (27) so naturally I hate him.Quirky fact of the day: did you know he wrote the first draft of today's speech in a Starbucks?

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