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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Slash TDs' salaries!

The Ray D'arcy Show is trying to recruit some of the la-la members of Leinster House to live on the minimum wage for up to two weeks as part of a recession-themed experiment. It's a good idea to try register with these clowns just how out of touch they are with the country.

However, I propose a more radical suggestion: slash their salaries. It's easy for our dismal government and leaders to be out of touch: they're on massive six figure salaries, with huge expenses and extremely lucrative pension rights. The current row over Beverly 'Brass Neck' Flynn and her 'independent' €41k highlights just how much money is floating around for TDs to exploit.

Brian Cowen will earn more as Irish Taoiseach than Barack Obama will as US President. How can we expect anyone earing almost €300,000 to understand, let alone care about, the plight of the ordinary, industrial wage worker?

I suggest that the salaries of all TDs be reduced and capped, particularly amongst the Cabinet. If the Cowen-Coughlan-Lenihan troika and their colleagues were earning €40,000- €50,000 a year, you can bet they'd be working a lot harder and a lot more efficiently to get us out of the mess we're in.


Kathleen said...

I've met Brian Cowen -- and believe me he's a heck of a lot more down to earth than any US Senator nevermind US President. T

I'm not saying that Cowen or the rest of the TDs don't make overly-healthy salaries - but for all that they make those like Cowen do have their feet firmly planted on the ground and would, IMO, have a lot more understanding (and sympathy) for the ordinary working person than the likes of Barack Obama. Barack Obama didn't work his way through high school or college or law school - his first job was part time also -- and as a politician he didn't work full time either till he hit the US Senate. He has no idea what its like to tote a load of bricks to a building site or dig a hole, etc. Most US politicians are treated like mini-kings and the US Presidents live like kings and quickly forget what its like out here in the real world.

PJFBNCYL said...

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PJFBNCYL said...

P.S. I live in Tullamore Co Offaly. Anyone know who my TD is? Which county Enterprise board? O. Offaly County Enterprise Board. Whats a BIFFO? Are they a protected species?