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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Cowen and out

Brian Cowen's Government of the Living Dead plumbs new depths of unpopularity - yet he still claims to have a strong enough mandate to push through Nama, Lisbon II and the December budget. Delusional is not the word.

In today's Indo, the report says that Cowen has asked voters "not to use Lisbon as a referendum on his Government's performance", adding that "he won't resign if there is a second 'No' vote to Lisbon and he is not contemplating defeat in the referendum in a month's time."

Surely, surely, the only way that such a profoundly unpopular "leader"- who has so utterly lost the faith and trust of the electorate - can ensure that Lisbon II carries is to publicly commit to holding a general election within a month of the referendum, regardless of what the result is? That way, the voters can focus their attention on Lisbon II, and not use it as an excuse to bash the Government, or indeed as a way to force an election, by voting No.

Not likely though, is it? After all, the turkeys (and boy, this Greena Fail coalition is one ginormous turkey) are hardly going to vote for Christmas, are they?

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