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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Meat, Stray, Love

My feature-interview with Julie Powell (author of Julie and Julia, and a subject of the new movie of the same title starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams) in Weekend magazine in today's Irish Independent.

In the forthcoming movie Julie and Julia, Amy Adams stars as real-life New Yorker Julie Powell, an unhappy government secretary who, in 2002, decided to spend a year making all 524 recipes in the cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, originally written in the 60s and 70s by legendary American chef Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep).

Powell blogged about the experience and later turned it into the bestselling book, Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously, which partly inspired the new movie released next week. What readers of Powell's work, but particularly viewers of the movie, will know is that the love and support of her adorable, endlessly patient husband Eric ("the saint") was a crucial factor in Powell completing her ambitious gastronomic task.

Julie and Eric were high-school sweethearts, marrying in their early 20s. To all of their friends and families, the Powells were considered the perfect couple with the ideal marriage, an image that the movie perpetuates even further (aided in no small part by the casting of sweet, charming actors such as Adams and Chris Messina in the roles).

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