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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tubbers/Taoi-Shrek Smackdown

Watch new Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy - who did very well: surprisingly well, I must say - grill a deeply uncomfortable Brian Cowen on last night's show.

Part 2


Desslock said...

Have to say I thought Tubridy was absurdly populist and hugely unfair to the Taoiseach. He was trying too hard. I certainly dislike Fianna Fáil as much as the next person but Tubridy looked very unprofessional last night during that interview in a way we wouldn't have seen with Pat Kenny.

Declan Cashin said...

I don't agree. The last time Cowen was on the LLS - with Pat Kenny - he got the softest going-over ever. That's hardly professional either.

What's more, last night proved beyond any doubt that Cowen simply cannot communicate - or even engage like - a human being. He kept threatening to slip into his default, automaton answers time and again, which is why Ryan had to keep after him.

Desslock said...

I don't think Pat Kenny ever came off as partisan and brazenly biased as Ryan Tubridy was with that interview. He concentrated on trivial, awkward things (like trying to get Cowen to explain over and over again that he shares the responsibility of every other politician in this country for the mess we're in) and was persistent to the point of mere pestering. I know Cowen is an awful communicator but it was discomforting to see Tubridy exploit it so enormously.

It's also very clear that Ryan Tubridy does not have as advanced an understanding of political, social and economic issues as Kenny did. In many ways, his seemingly casual intelligent understanding of practically every 'issue' was Kenny's strongest point and if Tubridy's dire radio show is anything to go by, he will not be up to scratch any time soon.

I did like him doing most of the other interviews (and he certainly feels much less wooden than Kenny when interviewing actors and the like), but I really resent the fact that he has turned it into "Tubridy Tonight II", with the house band and his wandering through the audience making cringe-inducing very much non-funny 'jokes'. I want Pat back :(