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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Golden Gobshites

Oh how the fallen have fallen. Extremely distressing news from Hollywood today. Scanning the list of the just-announced Golden Globe nominations, I was horrified to see that the heinous movie adaptation of The Producers has been nominated for a mind-boggling 4 awards.

Now, I realise that the Golden Globes are voted for by the Foreign Press Association, a notoriously amorphous collection of hacks with worryingly bizarre tastes in movies, but even they have outdone themselves by giving this codswallop citations for [laugh out loud] Best Musical or Comedy, Best Actor for the hideous Nathan Lane, Best Supporting Actor for the appalling Will Ferrell and a Best Song nod for Mel Brooks.

I can only assume that the FPA has either not seen the movie or that they ingeniously pandered to the legendary venality of the Golden Globe voters in order to bestow some industry respect on this dreadful, offensive, interminable dross.

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