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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What's In God's DVD Collection?

"The Flintstones was a delightfully funnny movie about the personification of the famous TV cartoon series. Unfortunately, several examples of unacceptable material reduced the wholesome family value of an otherwise good movie. Wanton Violence/Crime suffered due to the relative success of a criminal, physical violence, kidnapping, and threat of harm to children. There was none of the usual PG-style impunity from adolescents toward their parents but Impuity/Hate lost points due to cheating, language(1), and hateful relationships. Sex/Homosexuality suffered deeply due to the ever-present attempt of the movie industry to increase the threshold of sexual acceptabilty by strategiacally placing frequent sexual inappropriateness of dress and action. There was only one case of unacceptable material in each of Drugs/Alcohol (consumption of what was likely to be alcoholic beverage), Offense to God (euphemisms of God's name in vain)(1), and Murder/Suicide (lynching with intent to hang, noose around neck was visible)."

That insighful commentary comes courtesy of the Christian Analysis of American Culture website that has a database of hundreds of movies and how they do or don't represent an affront to God and what not. Bizarre, bizarre stuff.

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